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Best at faking that SHIT!

I started reading Jenny Lawson @TheBloggess and her books really made me feel good about myself and feel the acceptance from her stories. She has inspired me to start my own blog. This is my story of the shit I say at the worst possible times and some at the best times.

While I was talking with my husband of all the things that I think people would find hilarious, I randomly asked my husband would you consider me as an extrovert or an introvert? He looked at me for a moment, calmly and confidently said “Introvert. For sure” while he was reading a book at the kitchen table. I was “Seriously??? How do you get that?  and he explained that basically my inability to act like a normal person around people that I don’t know is how he knows.

This totally makes sense, as I often do stupid things or say dumb things, or even worse, randomly just walk off while someone is talking to me. For a long time, I couldn’t even do the formalities of greetings! People I knew, slightly, enough to recognize their faces, would ask ‘how are you?’ and I would just answer as fast as I could, ‘I’m good’ and get the HELL out of Dodge! I wouldn’t even turn around to see how the person reacted to me not asking them in return! That as way to much.

**Where the hell is DODGE anyways???

Since then, life happened and I got a job and had to learn how to deal with people!! Many times, I just want to throw chairs or throat punch people but I know that is frowned upon! But I have learned to fake this Shit like its my job! I mean, I still want to kung-fu chop most people and really I don’t discriminate, if you act stupid, then you are fair game. I have learned how to ask the mundane question in return, even though, most time no one really cares. I still freak out in grocery stores and in areas that have WAY TOO MANY DAMN PEOPLE!

So, in a great turn about way, or maybe a round about, not sure which one is more appropriate, this blog is my story of my wonderful ways of encouraging and sometimes saying, ‘The truth hurts but you need to hear it anyways!’ I hope you enjoy with me all the stories I am going to share and some that are still waiting to be had!

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