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Its all about Perspective…

My husband, Clark,  had to have surgery couple years ago on both hands for carpel tunnel. He was very nervous, I mean, who wouldn’t be as he could lose both hands if  the doctor sneezed and well, you can figure out the rest! I went with him and when they took him back to prep him, I had to stay out in the waiting room. I was all calm on the outside but internally, I was nervous too but played on my phone as a great distraction. Pinterest is one the best ways to lose time! I think it has some sort of time warp thing or scientists have developed a way to market a black hole with crafty shit by powerful wizards that makes everyone say “OMG!! This is so super cute. or Hey I want to try this, and this… and this” but then nothing turns out like the pictures! You know you’ve seen those, Pinterest fails… need I say more!

After he was all prepped, they called me to go sit with him. He was already becoming groggy and when I went back. He was telling me the nurses were mean and how they had to put the IV in his foot! He was complaining, slightly, but I will chock that up to the pain meds before surgery.

Side note, I have a great ability to help people put things into perspective, whether it be in life or… whatever it applies to. Sometimes its a mystery in itself, even to me. My advice at times, is like a great birthday present from your great aunt Velma; you have no idea what it is, why she gave it to you, and have no idea of when you’re going to actually use it! In my head, it usually sounds important… most of the time… I think.

So like I was explaining, he was telling me about the nurses having to put his IV in his foot. He was joking with the nurses about it, because he likes to mess with people. He’s kind of like a brain ninja and screw with peoples minds. So in a  way, we are truly perfect for each other. I do have the ability to leave him speechless, sometimes. I gladly take that win!

I simply looked at him and I think I had the calmest face as I explained this,  proceeded to explain how they could have put the IV in his junk. The nurses stopped what they were doing and both agreed that they liked me, instantly! Clark, on the other hand, or maybe I should use foot for this, was just plain stunned by my lack of empathy and he told me mine was broken. I think at that time, he was questioning his choice is picking me for a wife. I understand my amazingness for insight is just too hard to handle at times

But he couldn’t just walk away, he was strapped with an IV. But I helped him become at ease with his surgery. I mean, I took his mind off the fact that he was having surgery and how they could’ve put in his testicles…

See its all about perspective!

Hand surgery vs IV in your testicles… UUUMMMM You’re VERY welcome.

4 thoughts on “Its all about Perspective…”

  1. Haha, this definitely made me laugh! It’s true though, it is all about perspective! When my husband kept having ultrasounds done to see if we could find what was wrong (6 years later & still haven’t), he’d always ask the ultrasound tech if it were a boy or girl…they’d look at him funny…then he’d go on to say “What? I’m pregnant with a baby elephant. Want to see it’s trunk?” At that point in time I’d usually be seen giving him ‘the look’. Because, if you don’t know, the trunk would be his manhood. Gives a good laugh now though when we tell people about it!


    1. That sounds like we would get along great! I had to tell my husband that I was telling his story and he just shook his head at me, like he does most days. Life is all about rolling with the punches, I figure Ill make the best and have a good laugh at life!


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