Random Posts

Conversation I had with Clark… recently 

I had decided to go shopping for shit I really didn’t need! Where we live, we have a TJ MAXX and then regular stores. The TJ has different things and not the standard things you find in the Walmart or target. 

So…I went into the TJ and didn’t have any thing specific in mind. Side note I really hate shopping! I just don’t really have the time to shop for clothes but I can wonder around a store. Well not just any store, it needs to be a store I don’t mind to be in. My MAXX isn’t crowded and this keeps my anxiety at bay where I don’t feel like I’m running around trying to avoid people. And I guess I just have ‘Don’t fucking acknowledge that I have a presence right now because I want to be left alone’ written all over my face. That or my RBF is just that good. 

I ran across these awesome pink flamingos!! I mean these were not like your normal 1970’s flamingos that have been known to just populate a random friends yard like it was a giant flaming orgy. Oh these were totally badass and I really wanted these. But they were $30 a piece and I just couldn’t justify paying $90 for these beautiful things. I just don’t like spending money because… well I’m not sure why actually. 

So this is what I sent to Clark. I told him we needed these and this was the response I got. I was trying to get him to take the bate but he was working and knows me all too well. He knew I was full of shit. But these birds were to fucking fantastic. Very chic… I think since I’m not really a chec-ie kind of person. 

So when I got home, I told him that we really needed these and he told me ABSOLUTELY NO. So I explained that at least it wasn’t a 5 ft tall rooster named Freddy and Clark said he would rather have a rooster than flamingos because it reminded him of old people’s houses in Florida, or something like that. I was a little distracted since he admitted he would rather have a giant rooster in our yard. Even though he didn’t want a real rooster knocking up our chickens. 

Side note, yes I know chickens don’t really get knocked up like the floosy neighbor girl down the street. But it’s still fun to say. 

Speaking of floosy, I used to tell Jasmine that Barbie was a floosy and we couldn’t have floosies in our house. Jasmine was like 4. I don’t think she knew what that really meant but it was a great way of buying those damn dolls that taught girls how not to wear clothes and put on makeup. 

While I was at the MAXX I found these awesome note pads that I really need. Because let’s face it, I make a list and this shit never gets done. I hope you enjoy the irony like I did!! 

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