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Random shit 💩💩

So I figured since most of you really don’t know me I would come up w a few random things about me.

First of all, I have a selective filter. I mean sometimes what I say goes through my editing software that’s hard wired in my brain and other times that software thing completely fucking MALFUNCTIONS! Example: Meeting a guy that Clark worked with, not knowing he was super gay, and explaining to him about a time that I ate a pumpkin pie blizzard and it was like a organism in my mouth. I was meaning like my mouth had an orgasm and had nothing to do with anything sexually. But here you go, this is me.


I am honest and sometimes people don’t like this. I don’t always have the best knowledge of how to say sensitive topics. I am missing that part of my brain where things are things should not be said. So, I guess this falls under the filter aspect, which works on occasions. So this is a look I get a lot or the head shake with disappointment. This is one of my supervisors, she laughs but most time, she can only shake her head at me. I leave the people around me speechless… many times questioning ‘what the hell just happened?’

At times I am socially awkward and don’t know how to handle social situations. I don’t handle the super crowded areas like grocery stores but I LOVE food and find it as a necessity. I try to think that shit is over rated, food that is but you know, you kind of have to eat. 

Sorry, it’s been a long week, I got distracted… again. Anyways, when I was in college and people would ask me ‘How are you?’ I would answer Fine and run the other way while trying to hide in my shadow. So because of this I only have few ‘friends’ that I count as friends but many acquaintance. Side note, I have not had the best luck with friends. I had a best Zfriend once, key word HAD, that decided to date and marry an ex of mine and  hide it from me. This just made me question humanity in general and like my animals more.

I have 2 girls Jasmine who is 9 and Anastasia who is 2. Jasmine looks like me and acts like me… So basically I’m screwed because I gave my parents hard times and pretty sure most of their gray hair. Even though my mom bleached her hair for a while, I think.  I’m not really sure… I can barely keep up with the shit I need to remember to try to remember my moms hair dying habits from like FOREVER ago!

Image result for texas roadhouse work shirtsAnyways, I work with at risk teens, which sometimes is TOTALLY AWESOME but most times, I need the Texas Roadhouse work shirt! This is my mantra I used one day when I had a teen tell me that I need to stop acting like a baby! Oh yeah, that shit happened. I’ve been called many names but really that doesn’t bother me as some people might think. That’s kind of the par for the coarse, I guess.

Next I guess, would be my RBF factor. For those that aren’t sure what RBF is, let me explain this. Resting Bitch Face is best explained in SONG! HAHA I’m totally kidding, this is not a damn Disney princess story! But seriously Rihanna has one of the best RBF faces could I find. But I have a friend that has an RBF that is so true that she just looks pissed all the time. I think its her eye brows. But this is something that I have perfected over many years of dealing with teens. OOHHH OOHH OH, I just found this Disney RBF!!! Belle encompasses the nature What The Fuckness that is needed for a true RBF.

I think I enjoy going to the gym but some days I hate going. We have a love hate relationship, even though this might only be one sided, now that I think about it. I just love yumm food and Clark loves to cook but hate the way I feel and look in pictures, so i take the good with the bad. 

I am sure there more more things to me but really it’s early and I have not had enough coffee! That and I should probably get ready for work, gotta put in effort, having to Adult!! By the way, this whole ADULTING process sucks and should be outlawed!! I have put my size 9 Sperry wearin’ foot down on this! 

So feel free to give a little blirp or blurp about yourself! FYI neither word is recognized as real words but I just made them, so there spellcheck! 

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