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It’s about life…

Have you ever made a potentially life changing decision? One where your life could go from one path to multiple paths and you’re left questioning ‘What the fuck do I do now?’ 

I am pursuing something that, in hopes, will open my career opportunities. But it is scary. I didn’t feel this way with my college undergraduate but this is a whole other ball game! So nothing like the anxiety pulsing through my body, adrenaline running in my stomach, pushing out, frizzing my hair! 

Everyone goes through something like this whether it be decisions to move, going back to school, taking a new job, or whatever it is. I get very nervous in the beginning and freak the fuck out, up until I have to do it. Then I do it, usually awesomely, and I feel better. Better in a ‘I got this shit handled’ kind of way. 

This is one of my favorite memes because it has me pegged. Don’t do things for me just because I have a vagina. 

So I took the test to verify that I was as amazing as I thought and turns out, I was! I dropped 1 point but basically I’m a total badass!! Bam CLINT EASTWOOD style!! 

Changes are good and life throws you hills and curve balls and sometimes life leave a metaphorical bag of dog shit flaming on your front porch while she rings your doorbell and runs away! But one thing I’ve figured out is I rocked a test and I haven’t said anything to fuck up!! I just need to do happy dance!! Go ahead, do one too, you deserve it for whatever reason!! 

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