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Everyone needs a good laugh!! 

So I have been SSSOOOOO busy lately at work that I’ve barely had a chance to breathe. I get up, usually take Anastasia to playcare, work, go to the gym (most afternoons), get the girls, and come home. Most times, texting Clark about what we are going to do for dinner  we plan on planning ahead but we fail most times. But who doesn’t in our busy lives!! Most days I can’t even remember what I ate for lunch that day!! 

After long days, I just need wine and something that is funny as hell!! I’m a passive aggressive with a tendency of being more aggressive but not in a I’m a super bitch way. I’m more of I tell people what I think most times and have good intentions when I say it, plus I just say what everyone else is thinking. 

So, in tribute to me and all who are awesome like me, I have decided to pull some of my favorite e cards and put here for YOU!! I want you to enjoy with me things that I find hilarious when I have walked out of the house without brushing my hair or remembering that important thing you HAD to take into town, but totally forgot it until you were already half way  to town, which is a good 30 min drive. 

Everyday!! You know that time you saw someone and you turned like your hair was I fire in another direction!! Don’t deny… I don’t judge. 


People just amaze me!!

‘Oh sorry you’re upset, uummm yes I was listening. Maybe you should suck it up and start adulting…”

Insert best evil laugh!!!


I would love to put all my saved e cards in here but that would take a shit ton of time and really, who has time for that!!! 

So…. Send me some love and send your favorite things that make you laugh!! Share with me some awesomeness that you enjoy!!!! 

2 thoughts on “Everyone needs a good laugh!! ”

  1. OMG!! I just laughed out loud in my doctors office! Soooo funny! We all need humour more than ever right now. You know, since we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the apocalypse, thanks to that asshat of a President. Thanks for this, Gabbie! Was just what I needed today! 😂


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