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Just a little awkward 

Ok, so I took Jasmine to the gym with me the other day and at the end of our, really my workout, because she loses focus and I guess that’s to be expected from a 9 year old. After our time at the gym, we go to the hot sauna for couple minutes since she can only be in for maybe 5 minutes. 

Yesterday there was a random lady in there. I didn’t think anything about it as we walked into the little room. But as we walk in, I notice that she is sitting ‘criss cross applesauce’, don’t judge I have a 2 year old as well. This used to be called ‘sitting Indian style’ but that was so politically incorrect that it needed to be changed. 

Anyways this woman was in her 50’s I would guess and had a towel on… only a towel!!! I had to stare awkwardly toward to floor and not look at Jasmine because if I did, I would’ve seen this woman’s vagina and everything. It was so strange. She wasn’t modest in the slightest. She steps out to walk to the showers directly across the hall and completely drops her towel. WITHOUT CLOSING THE CURTAIN!!! 

Before I realized I made a disapproving mixed with a frown, kind of like someone would do when they step in gum or dog poop and said ‘Oh dear, that lady just took her towel off and I saw her old boobs’. Now I know I shouldn’t have said that but it came out so fast and then made Jasmine look because she has to be in everyone business. I had to sit her back down because she’s a little strange sometimes. 
The lady must have rinsed off with cold water or something because she came back to the sauna with her towel. That’s when we left. It was just weird. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dropped my drawers to change in the locker room but never was my vagina on display! It was a little uncomfortable and plus, she didn’t have anything under her bum while she sat without anything in between her ‘Lady Garden’ (thanks Bloggess) and the wood slats of the sauna. 

Ps, sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’ve had so much going on in my world, I’ve been exhausted and really enjoy my sleep… 

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