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Did you seriously just ask that???

So I have to start out by saying that I am not politically correct and tend to say the worst things at the worst possible moment. This has gotten me in so much trouble in the past. Here is yet another one of those stories…

A coworker of mine asked me one day if I was going to a training after work, I will refer to this coworker as T.  This is how the conversation went:

T: hey are you going to the training  tonight?

Me: yeah. Why? 

T: could I ride with you? 

Now at this point I have to give a disclaimer. T is seriously short and I drive a decently big ass truck! I mean she is only 4'10" and comes to my arm pits-ish area and I'm only 5'5". I looked at her and was as seriously as I can ever muster because I was worried about logistics and asked "can you get in my truck?"

Now, at this point a friend of mine that I work with interjected with 'Oh my god' and started laughing. 

T: Don't you have a step on your truck? 

Me: chuckle, Uh no but I have an o'shit handle! You can swing in on that. 

T: I can get in there, no problem. 

The conversation continues and I bring up that fact and yes this is a fact that since she is 4'10"  she could be legally disabled and get a handicap sticker!! 

I go to leave and my friend continued to laugh and smile because she was just amazed that I asked that. So what does she do, she tells our head boss of our building!! 

As we explain what had traspired about me asking if she could get in the truck, our boss is shaking her head and laughing a little saying 'Gabbie, you cant say that'. 

I continued to tell her the fact of she is truly short and could get a handicap sticker if she chose and my boss's eyes got really big and said 'Oh my god, you really CANT say that" and laughing probably a little too hard. I tried to explain that I was just spouting a random fact and I just had to leave because everyone was just laughing at me. 

But the great thing is… my people at work accept me. But the down side, they don't really address things and We get away with so much more than we should!! Ahh I guess, C'est La Vie

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