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Stressful first day

Vacation… should be relaxing but mine has been a bit stressful!! So we live in Midland of Indiana and we decided to visit my husbands son down in Texas!! We have to drive because unless your a freaking millionaire, who can afford to pay for flight for 5 adults!! I really priced it and it would have cost us more than a week at out resort!!! So as many times I have said “I’m not taking another long distance vacation without being able to fly” we drove to Texas. We stopped half way in Little Rock for the night. 

Honestly, the driving was no problem because I did all the driving. It made me feel better driving, I guess you can say the control freakness takes over… and Clark let’s it just happen, it’s just better that way. 

We finally arrive at the resort in Bandera and we got in late!! And basically just went to bed. The next morning, I was getting coffee from the coffee pot and look over and I scream “What the CRAP?!?!?!” I knew there were 3 kids around and at least remembered my filter!! There was a giant freaking ROACH on its back just doing yoga on the kitchen floor!!! I grab a cup and take it to the front desk and tell them I want a new room!!!

This was another that I found dead in a drawer!! By the way, one of the staff said that these roaches just ‘Get in’!!!! So the painstaking packing on the outside deck commenced!! 

After a fiasco, they give us a new room. We wait and move only to find that there is NO OVEN!!! It was supposed to be a FULL KITCHEN!! What full furnished kitchen doesn’t have a oven!!! No pits and pans either. 

But I didn’t realize there wasn’t an oven, since I was looking for roaches and other bugs. We go to the grocery and that was stressful all on its own!! I hate shopping in general and in a store that I didn’t know anything about, I was ready to flip my shit! Clark tries to be helpful but sometimes guys just make it worse; sorry guys but it’s true. 

We got everything back to the room and got it put away and got to the pool as fast as possible!!! Yes, I paid the extreme price for a DELICIOUS adult beverage because… I TOTALLY DESERVED IT!!! 

It was so nice to be able to forget all the stress from the morning and enjoy the heat, but not the humid, disgusting heat from back home, sun, pool, and most importantly, family time and be at peace! 

Just a couple pictures of the water park at the resort. Glad the stressful things have passed and hope we get through the rest of the vacation with only minimal, minor things that make me want to flip out! Fingers crossed

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