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Bean spillage!!!

Have you ever just wanted to go ghost? Which I just recently found out is a new term for hiding and avoiding people!! I never would have thought to use ghost in that term, but then again, when I think of Ghost, I think of Whitney Houston and clay making. And I was a little young to think that was awesome when it came out.

Of course you have wanted to hide. Hide from friends, loved ones, co workers, and the world! Even if it's for a short period of time.

Well most of you don't know but I am going to spill my beans. I am leaving for basic training for the army on August 15th!!!! So let me break this down as some might not know what this means. Military basic training is about 10 weeks that I will be away from my family. I will have my phone but I have no clue when I'll actually be able to use it!! Talk about scared and questioning my judgement all at the same time.

With the unknown speeding towards me and the reality of this punching me in the face, I want to hide! I want to stay home, have me time away from society, since I will be slammed into living quarters and team building exercises with complete strangers. I mean don't get me wrong, these people will become like family but I will be so nervous when I first get there, I will most likely make myself look like a flabbering idiot!

Side note, I totally just made up flabbering and I think it fits extremely well! Feel free to use it, since young people make up words because what we have isn't good enough. Like going ghost.

This is just my first post, of hopefully many, where I have amazing stories of bravery and cunning and me not totally screwing something up!! That is my goal, not to screw up and grow to the best that I can be!!

4 thoughts on “Bean spillage!!!”

    1. Thanks. I can’t take credit for ghost. I heard it on tv or kids at work or, hell I don’t know really. Lol. I just hope I don’t die from this. I mean I know I literally won’t. But I know that it will be hell for the first few weeks. Fingers crossed that I be a BA when I’m finished. Buahahaha

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