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Dabbling in the NEW

I love to bake.. cakes, cookies, anything that we really don’t need! So I have started baking cakes and seeing what people thought about this them. I know I still need lots of practice but I feel that I have a pretty good hand since I just learned how to use fondant!

My new thing is learning how to take good pictures of my cakes! These are just the pictures that I took with my phone; which is something that isn’t supposed to happen! Apparently, as you will see, they are way to candid. I have researched on how to take better pictures and make them look professional.

Here a some of my cakes that I have made.

Pancake Cake

My pancake cake was the first cake that I made with fondant. Jasmine helped me make the blueberries and the pads of butter. **No pancakes were harmed in making this cake**

Watermelon cake

This is actually my second watermelon cake, the first one was a trial and wasn’t too bad!  I made this for a church cake walk. It was make with a pink velvet on the inside and chocolate chips to make it look like an actual watermelon!. Present cake

This one, was my first present and OH BOY, did my bow seriously need help!! The present that I did later this week, was SOOO much better! I keep learning as I go.

Welcome Lincoln

Cutting out these letters by hand with a sharp knife was sucky! I need to order actual letter cutters and it would look so much better. Snowman Cake

My snowman cake was made for my work’s Christmas party. I thought he turned out pretty good and his top hat was adorable!

These little guys, I am super proud of. I mean, HOLY SHIT, these little animals are GORGEOUS !! I made this cake and cupcakes for a good friend of mines baby shower as her gift.


Baby shower animals

See, I told you that my bows had gotten better. I just needed the right stuff, apparently was gum paste! Like I said, I am still learning. This was my first cake that I actually charged for. By no means did I charge a normal price for this, as it is not perfect! I like perfection and this fell quite short. But the person that I made it for was so excited that she had this for her families Christmas party.

Beautiful Bow

I will say that these cakes came with my fair share of cussing as I get frustrated. I’m guessing its because I am still learning and extremely new at this. I have not taken any classes on cake making and  definitely nothing with fondant. Its only been trial and error.

I cant wait to see how I grow and get better. Jut think of the possibilities, I can be super bad ass at making cakes!

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