Children.... the little people that stress you the F out!

Where do they come up with this stuff??

So kids are crazy! I mean, in a good way. Their thought processes are not fully there and most of the time, they do things that make us grown ups say “What???” Or “Seriously???”, or better yet “OMG??? WTF were you thinking???” This crosses my mind entirely too many times a day.

Jasmine is a tween almost, I think. I’m not sure exactly there that starts honestly. I don’t think there is an exact science… but who knows for sure, again we’re talking about little mental aliens. Again, I mean this is the best possible ways!

She comes up with the most off the wall things she says and can’t sit still to save her life! I embrace the scattered-ness of my oldest but I was video chatting her and she was doing back walk overs and hand stands while the phone was sitting on the floor. I basically had an ants eye view of her doing her flips. She really thought I could see the entire flip… and I didn’t have the heart to tell her. She was so proud of this, as she learned the new flip in her cheer practice.

One day we were driving from home into town and she started randomly started talking about how tall horses were and transitioned into ‘it would be a great way to measure things Mom. You know. Horse butt high!’ I mean, she was dead serious! I could not help but I laughed so loud. She continued with a ‘House is about 3 horse butts high, right?’ This only encouraged her even more!! She is only 10… going on 27.

Anastasia was 3 in February and too, is going on 15. I am doomed… but every thing we have comes from her grandma. We aren’t sure which grandma… or if this grandma is even alive. If I ask her where the cat came from, which BTW I’ve had this cat for longer than Jasmine has been alive, Anastasia will say that her grandma gave it to her. Everything, and I mean everything.

I guess, I’m trying to say, my kids are exciting, never really have a dull moment, and wouldn’t have them any other way!! I do love them so!

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